Pre-Medical Diploma

MCA offers the following Pre-medical Diploma Courses as a University Credit Transfer System:

  • 18 months Diploma (Pathway to 4-year MBBS/MD)
  • 12 months Diploma (Pathway to 3-year BSN)
  • 12 months Diploma (Pathway to 3-year B.Pharm)
  • 12 months Diploma (Pathway to 3-year B.Public Health)
  • 12 months Diploma (Pathway to 4-year BVM)
  • 12 months Diploma (Pathway to 4-year BioMedical Engineering)

Medicine and Surgery degree course is a 6-year university programme. The first two years of Pre-medical I & II are taught entirely at MCA Centres.  At the end of the pre-medical course, student will be transferred to partner universities to complete degree in Medicine.  Similarly, students takes the first year degree in other courses such as Nursing, Pharmacy, Vetenary Medicine and Public Health at MCA Campus and later continue at MCA partner Universities to earn a global and accredited degrees within the shortest possible periods.

From the first year, theoretical interdisciplinary modules are integrated with hands-on experience and simulation activities. 

The course is characterized by a multidisciplinary and integrated approach to teaching; therefore most individual courses are grouped into modules.  Attendance is compulsory and is a prerequisite to taking appropriate examinations.

Among the teaching methods, particular relevance is given to interactive teaching, which mostly consists of group activities and team-work coordinated by a tutor. Examples of such methods are Problem Based Learning, Case Method, Problem Solving, Concept Maps and Portfolios. 

Students are also encouraged to attend internal seminars and conferences as well as participate in research activities.

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