Securing a place into any medical and allied schools is challenging, even for the most able students. Medical Career Academy (MCA) was established by a group of experienced medical professionals and university academics to offer solid progression pathway modules to medicine, Nursing, Pharmacy, Dental, Public Health and BioMed Universities in most part of the world.

Medical students from MCA are trained towards USLME (USA) practicing examinations. They also have the unique opportunity to undergo their Clinical Rotations in the USA or Canada during their Clinical Sessions at MCA foriegn partner Universities. MCA partners Universities secure jobs in Germany, USA or Canada upon completion of Bachelor of Medicine & Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) or Doctor of Medicine (MD)

Academic Programs

18 months Diploma (Pathway to 4-year MBBS/MD)
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12 months Diploma (Pathway to 3-year B.Public Health)
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12 months Diploma (Pathway to 3-year BSN)
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12 months Diploma (Pathway to 4-year BVM)
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12 months Diploma (Pathway to 3-year B.Pharm)
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12 months Diploma (Pathway to 4-year BioMedical Engineering)
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University Based Curriculum

South America
Eastern Europe
Central Asia